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Car Con Carne

Jul 2, 2017

Chicago superstar Marty Casey (Lovehammers, Rock Star: INXS, L.A. Guns) and band members Mike and Matt join me for "Dope Tacos" at Taqueria Traspasada 2 (thanks for the recommendation, Jake). Car Con Carne is presented by Boost Mobile.

This week, we talk about:

  • ROCK STAR: INXS. What would Marty's life have been like if he was picked as the guy to replace Michael Hutchence in INXS?
  • Marty's brief time in L.A. Guns
  • Marty's new solo album, The Ground You Walk On: Why now?
  • Marty Casey is too well-dressed to do my podcast. Meanwhile, I ruined my shirt within the first two minutes of recording.
  • The quirkiness of Traspasada, starting with the fact the restaurant was roughly 40 below zero
  • Marty's years with Lovehammers: "We've been chasing the dream and building the dream for so long now... "
  • What Marty and Sting have in common
  • My lunchtime failure that was a step up from dining at a gas station
  • The mystery of why Jim Peterik won't do Car Con Carne
  • Which is more evil: Signing your life over to a reality TV show, or signing your life over to a big record label?
  • The Boost Mobile Social Messages of the week come from listeners Marty, who commented on the Ralph Covert episode and Michael J. Piff, who had the best Car Con Carne suggestion ever.

...and there's also a too-fantastic-for-words in-car performance from the band! Great episode! Tell a friend!