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Car Con Carne

Jan 22, 2017

This week, it's wrestling talk with wrestling entrance theme-writer Sheri Shaw at wrestling-themed restaurant The Squared Circle (2418 N. Ashland). The food was awesome... I tried the "Screamin' Demon" (Merkts cheddar and fresh jalapeno stuffed, Merkts cheddar, fresh and pickled jalapeno, pork rinds, cholula aioli), a burger I justifiably described as a "two-hander." As for the interview, Sheri and I go way back. I first met in the 90s, and I explain why she's been on my office wall for years. We talk about her latest musical project, sstaria, and how she got sucked into the professional wrestling world. Specifically: *How she started working with Billy Corgan six years ago ("it's a very Cinderella story") *The Resistance Pro days ("It was really fun at first") *The Resistance Pro reality show on AMC ("there were a lot of egos") *The benefits of kayfabe (also: What is kayfabe?) *Why Billy Corgan is living the American Dream *The end of the line for Billy Corgan at Impact Wrestling ("Billy is a total fan... he loves it so much") *What's next for Sheri in music, wrestling and otherwise