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Car Con Carne

Jul 31, 2017

Tony and Tina's Wedding

This week, it's the stars of Tony & Tina's Wedding: Rory Zacher and Concetta Rose (Tony and Tina). They jump in my Mazda 3 to eat Mexican food from La Pasadita (1140 N. Ashland Ave.)

The show is one of a kind, and you can find out more at

We talk a lot about Tony & Tina's Wedding and plenty of other interesting stuff, including:

  • Concetta's move to Chicago to take on the role of Tina.
  • Rory's ascent to the role of Tony.
  • Why Tony and Tina's Wedding is kinda like jazz.
  • Concetta and Rory's off-stage ballbusting friendship.
  • Show-goers who get a little *too* into the show.
  • Rory's career in the adult film industry. For real. My first question: "What's the casting process like?" That's when I learned what "Go-sees" are.
  • "I'm used to dealing with strong, brassy Italian women."
  • The mom who told Rory at the show, "I wanna take you home and have you wind up in my bed the next morning."
  • Rory's real-life wedding registration, and why the bagel guillotine is a classic.
  • The amount of sweat that accumulates in their wedding clothes.
  • First concerts: Rory is a hair metal fan; Concetta's a boy band enthusiast.
  • Spanx: Pros and cons for guys.
  • The Social Media Message of the Week from Boost Mobile comes from listener Karen