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Car Con Carne

Oct 23, 2019

It's spooky season on Car Con Carne, and this episode finds the podcast at 13th Floor Haunted House in Melrose Park. Joining me for the experience is the Mizzerables (Joe and Korey), whose most recent album, "whatever... this sucks," is a hooky, guitar-driven collection of melodic punk. Discussed this week:

  • The Mizzerables don't know techno. They're a pop punk band.
  • The disorienting aspects of some of 13th Floor's rooms.
  • This was the first haunted house Joe went to in literal decades.
  • "(Haunted house actors) can't touch you anymore." "Anymore??"
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation lost its footing when Worf's kid joined the show.
  • The men of the Mizzerables are looking sharp in sweater vests with nothing underneath.
  • What's up with the Mizzerables wanting to change their name a while back?
  • Dan Precision (88 Fingers Louie) has a too-hard-to-pronounce surname.
  • The political nature of some of the Mizzerables' music.
  • Suburbs: Pro or con?
  • Did the Mizzerables honestly want to do the podcast?
  • Car Con Carne is in the running for "Best Music Podcast" in the Chicago Reader's "Best of Chicago 2019" poll!