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Car Con Carne

Nov 23, 2019

This is a great episode with fantastic people: Scott Lucas (Local H) and Herb Rosen (Liar's Club) join me for fried and smoked delights from Hagen's Fish Market (5635 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60634).

One consistent thread throughout the show is our self-inflicted discomfort from using too much spicy St. Elmo's cocktail sauce. We even went as far as to basically do shots of it (20:45-ish). That was a bad idea.

Discussed this week:

  • The new Local H release, which will be previewed at Liar's Club on 11/23/19.
  • Scott's experience with producer Steve Albini.
  • Herb has previously smoked Scott's turkey.
  • The 16th annual KT's Kids benefit at Liar's Club on 12/8/19.
  • We ordered roughly $1200 of fish from Hagen's.
  • Herb is a grouchy old man.
  • Doing shots of cocktail sauce: In the words of Herb, "As soon as you breathe in, you're fucked."
  • The Liar's Club bathrooms get a .5 on a 10 scale ("unbearable").
  • Herb's connection to Joe Walsh.
  • The Eagles album "The Long Run" SUUUUCCCCCKKKS.
  • Herb threatened us with lower GI stories.

This episode is sponsored by Nerf Herder at Reggie's on 12/7/19!