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Car Con Carne

Jan 8, 2018

Coyote Riot (pronounced "KEYE-OAT," not "KEYE-oaty," like I say throughout the episode) joins me for amazing cheesy beefs from Pop's (10337 S Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60655). More amazing, they play a blistering version of "I Was Born to Take It Easy" in my car. Yep... bluegrass performed live in a Mazda 3. So freaking cool.

In this episode, lovingly sponsored by BOOST MOBILE, we talk about:

  • Coyote Riot history
  • The real reason for baby wipes
  • "I got beef on my leg!"
  • The high point for the band (so far)
  • My embarrassment over mispronouncing the band name
  • The band's next gig (Fitzgerald's/January 12)
  • "My hands are glistening"

Give it a listen, and tell a friend!