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Car Con Carne

Jan 17, 2019

This week, I'm joined by talented members of Ghostlight Ensemble as they prepared to do a table read of the legendary (?) "Spice World" movie.  In the car with me are Song (Scary Spice), Emma (Posh Spice) and Jean (Sporty Spice sitting shotgun).

Before doing a reading from the Spice World script, we discussed:

  • We got food from Disco Taco, which doesn't really look like a disco.
  • Emma didn't eat tacos because she's doing the Whole 30 diet. I tried Whole 30 once. It was a Failure 7 for me.
  • The history of Ghostlight Ensemble, dating back to 2016.
  • Next up for Ghostlight Ensemble: Clueless.
  • Autographs at conventions.
  • Paul Rudd is short. And that's why he was cast as Ant-Man.
  • You have to like Spice Girls to do a table read of "Spice World"... right?
  • The Chicago theater scene.
  • I don't get Kombucha.
  • We all make Malort faces without actually drinking Malort ("I feel like grass is growing in my mouth when I drink it").
  • Dressing as Spice Girls: "It is as much for us as it is the audience."

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.