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Car Con Carne

Chicago music/songwriting legend Jim Peterik performs outside Revolution Brewpub (Episode 242)

Jul 19, 2019

Music legend Jim Peterik (Ides of March, Survivor, countless songwriting credits throughout the past 50 years) joins me for a fantastic meal provided by Revolution Brewpub (2323 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60647). When I realized the iconic Jim Peterik would be in my car, I wanted to be sure we ate at an iconic Chicago location. From their iconic beers to the brewpub, Revolution is the best.

We covered A TON in this episode, and Jim had his guitar at the ready throughout. Some highlights:

  • The Ides of March are celebrating their 55th (!!) year with a new album ("Play On").
  • How on earth are the guys in Ides of March still friends?
  • The first Ides of March rehearsal happened while the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan.
  • I blew Jim's mind by bringing a vinyl copy of Survivor's "Premonition" album along for the recording.
  • The life-changing phone call Jim got from Sylvester Stallone.
  • The evergreen quality of "Eye of the Tiger."
  • What went into the writing of "Eye of the Tiger."
  • Hulk Hogan using "Eye of the Tiger" as his entrance music.
  • If I worked out, I'd listen to "Eye of the Tiger" all the time.
  • Survivor's "Summer Nights" was my gateway drug to Survivor.
  • Jim plays "Vehicle" in my vehicle! SCORE! Great God in heaven, you know I love Jim Peterik.
  • Could "Vehicle" have been a hit in the "Me Too" era?
  • Why didn't Jim ever leave Chicago for warmer climes?
  • Jim plays the new Ides of March song "Blue Storm Rising!"
  • Writing "Heavy Metal" with Sammy Hagar.
  • The hits Jim wrote for .38 Special. Who doesn't sing along loudly to "Hold On Loosely?
  • Jim opened up for Zeppelin!
  • The state of rock in 2019.
  • Did the guys in Ides of March resent Jim for Survivor's success?

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.

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