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Car Con Carne

Aug 5, 2019

KrashKarma (Niki and Ralf) returned to Car Con Carne as they stopped through Chicago to play a show at Live Wire (love that place)! One of the in-car highlights was their performing an acoustic version of their cover of Bananarama's "Cruel Summer." Because of licensing, I couldn't include the performance in the podcast, but you can watch it on the Car Con Carne Facebook page or Car Con Carne YouTube page! Also, the band was A-MAZE-ING at Live Wire. Make a point of seeing them when they come through the area again!

Discussed on the show this week:

  • We got Mexican food from a place that none of us could pronounce.
  • They took my advice from the last time we talked and had lunch at Kuma's Corner!
  • The restaurant didn't want to give Ralf more horchata.
  • L.A. natives KrashKarma rejected the al pastor tacos we ate.
  • KrashKarma's metal version of "Game of Thrones."
  • Are all metal bands hardwired to watch shows with dragons?
  • KrashKarma's K-Pop cover. For real.

Car Con Carne is presented by The Autobarn Mazda of Evanston.