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Car Con Carne

Jun 20, 2023

Bullet to the Heart (Draven and Audrey) joined me for this episode recorded at Flipside Brewing (7144 W 183rd Tinley Park). Flipside owner Erik Pizer jumped in the car to share some of his food menu and talk about the fantastic beers at the brewpub.


I talked with Bullet to the Heart about their excellent new EP,  Death, Oddities & Romance, specifically many of the lyrics and images it conjures up. We also chat about the “Revenant” video, recorded at Hellsgate Haunted House!


As all this was happening, I was enjoying the hell out of my Flipside Nashville Hot sandwich. Hope you enjoy the hell out of this episode.


Car Con Carne is proud to be sponsored by Alex Ross Art ( San Diego Comic Con is fast approaching. If you’re going, make sure to visit Alex Ross Art while you’re there!


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