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Car Con Carne

Nov 21, 2019

Blood People are back on the podcast after a couple years away! We recorded at the fantastic River North restaurant Good Measure (226 W. Chicago Avenue), and Chef Matt joined us for the show!

We sampled the limited-time-only Blood People burger (Beyond Burger, CBD cashew butter, jalapeno and black grape jelly, Fritos, and an onion bun). Singer Aly Jados describes it as "kindergarten chic." We also ended our meal with "Fried Pun'kin Pie." It's amazing. Discussed this week:

  • The ferociousness of Blood People live.
  • I love a cool concert poster.
  • I'm number 69.
  • We "unbox" the Blood People burger.
  • The secret to eating the burger can be found in "The Breakfast Club."
  • Why CBD cashew butter? "We're rock and rollers, James."
  • Blood People is *right there*.
  • Blood People's Riot Fest strategy was amazing.
  • The fries were "fresh adjacent."
  • Blood People offer a full-bodied cathartic release.
  • The weird request Mickey made of me the last time I did a stage intro for them.

This episode is sponsored by C&H Financial Services!