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Car Con Carne

Jan 17, 2018

This week, it's a trip to Berwyn (said in the best possible Svengoolie voice) for amazing food from Big Guys Sausage Stand. I'm joined by peerless food writer Mike Gebert (owner and editor-in-chief of Fooditor, author of The Fooditor 99: Where To Eat and What To Eat There) and Big Guy's owner Brendan O'Connor. 

We recorded right before Christmas, when Big Guy's seasonal sausage was the "Rudolph Sausage": Yes, a holiday-themed venison sausage that was unbelievably delicious.

On this Boost Mobile-sponsored episode, we discuss:

  • Mike's written lovingly about Big Guy's and reinforces that fact in the podcast: "The best heir to Hot Doug's is this place right here."
  • Why is twice-cooking essential to fries?
  • The Big Guys' burger: "It's got some girth."
  • At roughly 10 minutes in, I inexplicably start calling Brendan "Brandon." Don't ask me why.
  • Brendan's (winning) battle with cancer.
  • "If you own a restaurant and you get sick, you're kinda fucked."
  • Of the restaurant's previous late-night hours:"The Berwyn after-hours crowd was not that attractive."
  • The Fooditor 99: What's new this year?
  • Since Mike's one of the best damn food writers in the city, I take lots of time to pick his brain on a handful of Chicago eateries. I ask him to zoom in on kickass places to eat when on a super tight budget.
  • How do you identify a good Mexican place? A good clue is if it says "heche a mano."
  • Mike's living a fantasy life, involving housemaids and pie.
  • Chicago "date night" restaurant recommendations.