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Car Con Carne

Nov 30, 2019

Chuck Garric (bass, Alice Cooper / frontman and guitar, Beasto Blanco) returns to Car Con Carne before an Alice Cooper gig at the Genessee in Waukegan.

Discussed this week:

  • Why do punk bands have the best names?
  • Cannibalism!
  • Chuck: Beast on stage, zen guy off stage.
  • Chuck's eating habits.
  • The relentless Alice Cooper tour cycle: "The highway is my home."
  • What mishaps happen onstage with Alice Cooper?
  • Beasto Blanco's latest album, "We Are."
  • Since Chuck plays with Alice in Alice's band and Calico Cooper in Beasto Blanco, is he essentially a family member?
  • That time when Alice drew the "devil's hand" in poker.
  • When Chuck started playing with Ronnie James Dio: "I owe everything to Ronnie."
  • Chuck's thoughts on the Dio hologram.
  • Guitar music has to come back.
  • The first record Chuck ever bought.
  • The white lie Chuck told when he got the gig with Alice Cooper.

This episode is sponsored by Nerf Herder at Reggie's on 12/7: It's MERRY PUNKIN CHRISTMAS!